Welcome to the Vidyaranya School’s official presence on the web. This site is at its inception, and while there is currently little in terms of information about the school and its activities, visitors will see the site take form over the coming weeks. They will also likely see lots of changes to the design and functionality, as we work interactively with everyone involved to create a site that students, parents, and teachers are proud of.

In the meanwhile, this site will serve as a meeting point for those involved in the planning for Vidyaranya’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2011, with news about the progress of various efforts, and the opportunity to contribute and be a part of the ambitious projects.

Standby for details about the plans, and how to enlist.


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  1. abha saran bahal says:

    Hi all Vidyaranyaites.

    Iremember the School with the old building. And somewhere I have pics of some of us hanging from the banyan tree that used to be on the big grounds on one side of the building. Unfortunately, have not been able to visit Hyderabad/school in a long long while.Hope to do it soon. Some wonderful times were spent there.

    • preetha says:

      Hi all the vidyaranya people

      It’s great to see a website and and old picture of our school. I too have old picture of our class when we had Mitsuru as our classmate. I think may be 6th or 7th class I’m thinking. I’ll try to find the pictures & get them on facebook.

      One suggestion I think it would be good to have viyaranya on facebook and more people will find you. I found my classmates sister this way. This would be a great way to get the students from the past in touch with each other too

  2. satishnaik says:

    HI all vidyaranyaites,

    we all have so fond memories of our school,I would love to participate in whatever we are planning for the 50th anniversary celebrations.Let me know if we need Tshirts to be made for the occassion.

    • Rasna Bhushan says:

      Dear Satish,
      Thanks for getting in touch and offering to participate in the plans for our school’s 50th year. So many of us have wonderful memories and we do hope that these will motivate us to do something concrete for the school and the people who made it what it was for us. We are happy to accept your offer of T-shirts…let’s discuss how to go about designing and making them available by the end of this year for all us. Hope to keep up a correspondence with you.

  3. saifpatel says:

    when is the 50th anniversary celebrations going to be ?

  4. Rammohan B Alurkar says:

    Hi Rasna.

    How do I enrol for the program for the 7/8.Jan.2011?

  5. Pranjal Rawat says:

    I really do miss this place. There will never, in the near future, be schools like vidyaranya. The funny thing is, when we go abroad and study in higher academic institutions, we receive similar broad minded ideals and different ways of thinking. Vidyaranya opened my mind as much my heart,

    Can never be thankful enough :)

  6. sriuma123 says:


    I want to join my kids into your esteemed school kindly send me the detailed information about the admission date, fee details, etc. to my mail id : sriuma.chetana@gmail.com.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. roma agarwal says:

    i want 2 join my son in your school kindly send me the information about the admission procedure in d school


  8. shakapuramu says:

    I would like to join my two sons (Age 5yrs and 3yrs)in the school.Regarding admission procedure & fees structure.Can any body guide me ?What is eligibility for nursery? Bus facility available or not.We are staying O.U.Colony Shaikpet (near manikonda) .Thanks in Advance.Please mail me: shakapuramu@gmail.com
    Best Regards,
    Ashok Kumar

  9. mahenderReddy says:

    Thanks for registering me

    I am looking for admission for Pre-Primary in your school.

    Can anyone guide me,when the admission will start and what is the admission process?


  10. ramkumar says:

    Thanks for registering me

    I am looking for admission for my 2 years son in Pre-Primary in your school.

    Can anyone guide me,when the admission will start and what is the admission process?

    ram kumar.

  11. vikramchikoti says:

    Hi All,

    Hope all is well and is there a new thread to talk about admissions?


  12. maddivinitha says:

    Thank you for registering me.

    Dear Sirs / Madams,

    i know this is not the place to ask for admissions information.
    but i seriously, sincerely want to join my kids in this school. someone please send me related information to my Email: maddivinitha@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance.

  13. kumar.vanteru says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for admissions for UKG to my kid. some one please guide me on this.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. rajeshwarikondury says:


    Iam rajeshwari Kondury a housewife , my husband works for Govt.
    and we have 2 kids , first son was studying 7th and second son is 2 years .
    We are looking for admission for Both the kids.
    Please advice .
    Thanks & Regards
    Rajeshwari K

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